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Gin Ahaltek is a virtual SIM game stable. Gin Ahaltek or GA in short is focused on breeding virtual Akhal-tekes (ahaltek according to Finnish transliteration). We use only horses with pure SIM pedigrees. All the foals bred by us have a name with "Gin" in it (e.g. Gin Sergej).

GA is owned and maintained by two Finnish virtual horse enthustiasts, Sirpa and Virginia. Virginia (nicknamed Gin) has been engaged in Finnish SIM horse world since 2001 and for a long time she has been also a fan of Akhal-Tekes, both real and virtual. Her first virtual Akhal-Teke foal was born in November 2001. Since then hundreds of Gin - Akhal-Tekes have been born.

The texts in GA are written in Finnish, excluding this page. We can translate specific pages if asked, please mail us To get started, see some translations and explanations of Finnish terms

Buying a SIM horse

If interested in buying some virtual Akhal-Tekes in GA, please contact us with email ( We do not use any virtual currency in our stables so basically all our horses are free. Not all horses are for sale, it is always better to look for some very young foals than older horses. Remember we do use a special ageing system with our SIM horses (VHKR) which means our horses will age one year in a one real-calendar month. This means that a horse born a year ago is now twelve-year-old and a horse born a month ago is one-year-old. We do not expect the horse buyers to use the same system, also the birth dates may be edited to be suitable for different ways of ageing.

Our requirements for SIM horse buyers are quite simple: after the selling is agreed, the buyer must create a web page for the SIM horse he/she has bought from us and he/she must inform that address to us. Also it is highly appreciated to follow the options for horse color. When the horse is bought, we list the suitable colors for this specific horse, they are based on the colors of horse's parents and the genotypes (all horses have color genotypes marked in their page). It means that you cannot have a gray foal out of two bays. In some cases the colors are very restricted, even with only one acceptable color. We give a fair warning of these kind of horses but usually there are at least few color options.

Colors of our Akhal-Tekes

Our Akhal-Tekes possess only the realistic colors of real life Akhal-Tekes: bays, blacks, chestnuts, palominos, buckskins, smoky blacks, cremellos, perlinos and smoky creams, with occassional grays and sabinos. If any help is needed with horse colors, photos or identifying the Akhal-Teke colors, we may be able to help. Please mail us (

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Gin Ahaltek on täysin virtuaalinen talli ja kaikki sivuilta löytyvä on mielikuvituksen tuotetta
This stable is a SIM-game, nothing described on this site should be taken as a real-life information.