Nuclear Waste Ion xx VH16-006-0064

Image and basic information


Information in Finnish for VRL register

Temperament and behavior


DoB Foal name Gender Color Breed Sire Other info
3.7.17 Nuclear Fission Ion mare rn Cleveland Hunter Chainreaction Ion -
15.5.20 Chernobyl Ion stallion - FWB Carrot in Cappuccino DFC -

Shows and results

Date Discipline Class Organizer Result
- - - - -


Air Pollution Ion xx
TB, 166 cm, b
Toxic Taste GA xx
TB, 166 cm, bl
Cool Cadmium GA xx
TB, 164 cm, ch
Blue Cadet xx EVM
One Cool Image xx EVM
Jaylyn Lady GA xx
TB, 168 cm, b
Tuppence Moon xx EVM
Jaycee Lady xx EVM
Urban Girl Ion xx
TB, 165 cm, b
Urban Lane GA xx
TB, 165 cm, ch
Max Patrol xx EVM
Colorado Spirit xx EVM
Doramilla GA xx
TB, 164 cm, b
Dortmund xx EVM
Merry Millie xx EVM
Braelyn Ion xx
TB, 159 cm, b
Original Best GA xx
TB, 165 cm, b
Test Pilot GA xx
TB, 168 cm, b gr
Tested Best GA xx
Stephani GA xx
Bean Nighe GA xx
TB, 162 cm, ch
Original Rum GA xx
Banshee Cry GA xx
Brianna Ion xx
TB, 153 cm, b gr
Sky High Ion xx
TB, 155 cm, gr
Sidewinder xx
Dragoslava xx
Brittany Ion xx
TB, 152 cm, dk b
Quadrillion xx
Ballerinett xx