Rocky Mountain Horses   

Headspinner Ion VH16-009-0021

Image and basic information


Information in Finnish for VRL register

Temperament and behavior


DoB Foal name Gender Color Breed Sire Other info
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Shows and results

Date Discipline Class Organizer Result
1.12.20 ARJ 3-käynti Sîr Angren 3/25


Southern Star Ion
150 cm, silver bucksk dun
Rags-To-Riches Ion
144 cm, pal
South Power Ion
144 cm, silver blk
Formal Power GA
Southern Belle GA
Rich Rose Ion
144 cm, bucksk
Rich Tobe GA
Shaylee Rose GA
Bay Star Ion
150 cm, silver dun
Bay Fun Ion
150 cm, dun
Fun With Dun GA
Bay Calypso GA
Elektra Ion
150 cm, silver blk
Electric GA
Silver Star GA
Moonwalk Ion
146 cm, bl
Riverdance Ion
148 cm, ch ro
Paso Doble Ion
150 cm, bl ro
Samba di Janeiro
Grand Canyon Monabell
High Above G.
147 cm, bucksk
Hoya Diamond
Rosa Lee II
Bubble Sort GA
155 cm, silver bl
Sparkles GA
150 cm, silver b
Electric GA
Top-Down GA
Formal Harmony GA
141 cm, silver bl
Formal Power GA
Silver Harmony GA