Rocky Mountain Horses   

Clojure Ion VH16-009-0014

Image and basic information


Information in Finnish for VRL register

Temperament and behavior


DoB Foal name Gender Color Breed Sire Other info
31.5.17 Misty Mountain Ion mare - Rocky Mountain Horse Mount Doom Ion -

Shows and results

Date Discipline Class Organizer Result
16.7.20 ARJ 5-käynti Ljóma 3/11
13.7.20 ARJ 5-käynti Ljóma 1/11


ColdFusion Ion
148 cm, silver b ro
Coding Ion
149 cm, silver b ro
Making Money GA
151 cm, silver b
Funny Money GA
152 cm, silver bl
Rich Choko GA
Funny Bunny GA
Mountain Storm GA
146 cm, silver b
Stormy Waters GA
Mountain Rose GA
Dibol Ion
148 cm, silver bl ro
Cobol Ion
147 cm, silver bl ro
Maniac Ion
Java Ion
Zara Ion
150 cm, silver bl
West Enric
Sara Bean
Cosmopolitan Ion
147 cm, silver bl
Spritzer Ion
145 cm, silver bl
Sparkles GA
150 cm, silver b
Electric GA
Top-Down GA
Formal Harmony GA
141 cm, silver bl
Formal Power GA
Silver Harmony GA
Caipirosca Ion
151 cm, bl
RagTime's HiTop
149 cm, ch
RagTime's Stormy
High Above G.
Caipirinha Ion
153 cm, b
Motega Ion
Comedienne Ion
Dark Polly Ion
148 cm, ch
Dark Blues GA
141 cm, pal
Mad O'Jack GA
141 cm, pal
Dark Moon GA
143 cm, bucksk
Dark Star GA
Misty Springs GA
Baby Jacki GA
140 cm, silver bl
Kilburn Blackjack GA
Dollar Baby GA
Nell's Pride GA
143 cm, ch
Burning Pride GA
144 cm, b
Burning Ginger GA
Kenita's Pride GA
New Nelly GA
142 cm, silver b
Windjammer GA
Nellie Blues GA
Bay Portia Ion
148 cm, silver b
Porter BRN
145 cm, silver bl
Knoxdale Pocatello
147 cm, silver bl
Fred Flintstone
Rossella BRN (missing)
144 cm, silver bl
Silver Black Phantasm
Fenjitos Rodrique
Bay Star Ion
150 cm, silver b dun
Bay Fun Ion
150 cm, dun
Fun With Dun GA
Bay Calypso GA
Elektra Ion
150 cm, silver bl
Electric GA
Silver Star GA