Arabian Warmbloods   

Dusk Till Dawn Ion VH15-218-0015

Memorial page, deceased at 15.11.2020


Information in Finnish for VRL register

Temperament and behavior


Cover Date Mare Foal
07/2019 Thaz Wafeqa ox m. Double Rainbow Ion

Shows and results

Date Discipline Class Organizer Result
11.8.18 KRJ GP Juksula 1/18
10.8.18 KRJ GP Juksula 1/18
10.8.18 KRJ GP Juksula 1/32
5.8.18 KRJ GP Juksula 2/18
1.8.18 KRJ GP Juksula 4/32
10.8.18 KRJ GP Juksula 5/32
5.8.18 KRJ GP Juksula 3/18


Suprant Dust
FWB, 167 cm, pal
Dust to Dust PB
Han, 166 cm, bl
Black Donnelly PB
Han, 170 cm, bl
Blackthorn GER
After The Weeping Moon
Enjoy The Misery PB
Han, 164 cm, ch
Dermot Owin
Filthy Nails
Suprant D'Cupcake
FWB, 167 cm, pal
Suprant Surprise D'Cupcake
Holst, 168 cm, ch
Surprise D'amour
Colours Upside WAS
KWPN, 166 cm, pal
Licht Boter
Gloriana Ion
AWB, 162 cm, pal
KWB Golden Dancer
WB/Palomino, 166 cm, pal
Nellam's Golden Coin
WB/Palomino, 166 cm, pal
Proud Tip xx EVM
Nellam's Wealthy Lady EVM
KWB Flamenco
Han, 162 cm, ch
Ibenka Gaia ox
Arab, 158 cm, ch
Ghazi Ion ox
Arab, 158 cm, b
Gajrat ox
Amab Sharion ox
Zirkonium Ion ox
Arab, 157 cm, b
Malakhit ox
Ibenka ox