Arnmod Ion VH15-008-0025

Image and basic information

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Information in Finnish for VRL register

Temperament and behavior


Cover Date Mare Foal
05/2019 Merian Ion m. Jonens Armilda

Shows and results

Date Discipline Class Organizer Result
28.10.2020 KRJ VaA Yemene 1/15
28.10.20 KRJ vaA Yorca 2/23
22.10.20 KRJ vaA Yorca 4/23
6.10.20 KRJ vaA Yorca 4/23


Regulus Ion
167 cm, ch
Regus af Evengaard
Kia af Magleborg
Allovera Vollager
161 cm, ch
Teglmagn Mads
Aslaug Imre