Zitron Muskat ox VH15-003-0272

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Temperament and behavior


Cover date Mare Foal
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Shows and results

Date Discipline Class Organizer Result
1.12.20 ARJ Cup English pleasure Cosrett 3/19
23.10.20 ARJ Informal combination Encore 4/18
2.1.17 ARJ English Pleasure Bailador 1/12
5.2.17 ARJ English Pleasure KK Bailador 3/15
6.2.17 ARJ English Pleasure KK Bailador 2/15
24.3.18 ARJ English Pleasure Majorithy 4/29


Ozir Malyk ox
152 cm, ch, DOM
Galaks Majestat ox
151 cm, ch, DOM
Ibn Majecka GA ox
150 cm, b, PPA
Galaksiya GA ox
152 cm, ch gr, SRA
Ozir Odett ox
154 cm, ch rab, DOM
Operet GA ox
153 cm, b, SRA
Oziria GA ox
155 cm, b rab, PPA
Zitron Mjata ox
159 cm, b gr, DOM
Mjatesh GA ox
159 cm, b gr, SRA
Kaprinetsh GA ox
160 cm, ch, SRA
Simvol GA ox
156 cm, b gr, SRA
Zitron Gazbiyya ox
158 cm, ch, DOM
Gaspar GA ox
157 cm, ch, ENG
Zitronel GA ox
159 cm, b, SEA